100 Jahre Sichelschmidt

d500 ASM

Straddle stacker

How can you ensure stable storing and Picking of loads up to a height of 5070 mm with a pedestrian truck? It's easy with a Sichelschmidt d500 ASM, which offers improved stability with a wider base incorporated into its solid design.

d600 ASM

Counterbalance truck

With capacities of up to 1250 kg and lift heights of 3500 mm, the d600 ASM is an indispensable asset in practically any warehouse. Its solid structure assures stability for enhanced safety.

d800 ASM

Work shop crane

Flexibility and freedom of movement: These properties are in demand in industrial production - also in the third dimension, for lifting, positioning and moving of medium to heavy loads in confined spaces. These requirements can best be implemented with a d800 ASM crane. For handling of loads up to three tons when there is no overhead crane available and a simple forklift just won’t do the job. Also available as ex-protected version for Zones 1 and 2.

d1200 ASM

Reach truck

Compact design, cantilever load suspension and powerful ASM drive allow the flexible d1200 ASM to be used for a variety of applications. Various models are available with capacities of up to 1800 kg.